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MG Rubber Keypad Repair Kit


Part Number: MG-8339

MG Rubber Keypad Repair Kit
MG Chemicals Part Number: 8339

This easy to use kit permanently repairs rubber keypads. Kit comes with everything you will need: stir sticks, applicator swabs, super glue, primer prep, and a silver conductive coating. This is a great way to restore broken TV Remotes, Microwave Oven Keypads, Ham Radio HT Keypads and any other rubber keypad.
Features / Benefits:

  • Restores electrical conductivity to worn carbon contacts
  • Formulated with pure silver for maximum conductivity
  • Repairs over 200 rubber button contact
  • Guaranteed to work over 500,000 keystrokes under normal using conditions
  • Reusable
Typical Applications:
  • Remotes for TVs, DVD players, stereos, etc
  • Home security keypad
  • Parking access keypad
  • Garage door opener
  • Keyboards, game remotes, etc…
Repairs tack free in 5 minutes, full cure in 24 hours.
Instructions for use:
  • Apply the primer prep pen directly onto the contact surface to be repaired. Allow to fully evaporate.
  • Dispense super glue onto a swab and apply a thin coat over the contact. The glue must be dry to the touch before moving to the next step.
  • Use the silver conductive pen and dispense a small amount of conductive coating onto a smooth surface (do not apply directly to the contact)
  • Saturate the tip of a swab with a small amount of the conductive coating.
  • Apply a very thin coat of silver conductive coating over the contact to be repaired
  • Let contact dry for 4 hours before use.

This kit includes the following:
  • MG Super Glue Adhesive - 3g
  • MG Primer Prep Pen - 3g
  • MG Silver Conductive Microtip Pen - 8.5g
  • 4 lint free cotton applicator swabs
QTY: 1 Kit

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