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MG Super Corona Dope - 2oz


Part Number: MG-4226-55ML

MG Super Corona Dope
MG Part Number: 4226-55ML
Super Corona Dope is an excellent chemical for insulating high-voltage circuits, such as on a CRT Television set or monitor. It has excellent dielectric properties and cab be applied with the included brush or by dipping your part directly into the bottle. Super Corona Dope can be applied in multiple coats if extra protection is needed.

  • Dielectric Strength : 4100 V / mil
  • Useful for high voltage applications
  • Insulates components circuits and assemblies
  • Excellent arc and corona resisting properties
  • Protects motor windings and coils from arcing and discharge
  • Protects against moisture and oxidation
Physical Properties
Type Modified Alkyd
Color Clear
Thinner Xylol
Non-Volatiles 35 1%
Specific Gravity 0.916 - 0.936
Viscosity (Brookfield, 25C) 105 cps
Viscosity (Demmler #1, 25C) 15-30 seconds
Electrical Properties
Dielectrics Strength, Heat Cured
4100 Volts @ 2.0 mils thickness
Dielectrics Strength, Air Dried 3000 Volts @ 2.0 mils thickness
Moisture Resistance Excellent
ASTM Oil Resistance Fair
Adhesion to Steel Excellent
Adhesion to Copper Excellent
Cure Schedule

Tack free time

10 minutes

ASTM Dry Time (25C)

20 minutes

Heat Cure:

110C / 230F

30 minutes

80C / 176F 60 minutes

Air cure (@25C)

72 hours

Recommended Curing Cycle @ 125-150 C 3-6 hours

Minimum Operating Temp.

-40 C (-40 F)

Maximum Operating Temp. 180 C ( 356 F )
Other Properties
Flash Point (uncured) 27 C (81F)
VOC 5.01 lbs/gallon
Application Methods Dip and Bake
Storage Condition Stored at 25C in a dry condition
Shelf Life 1 year from the date of shipment

QTY: 1 x Bottle of Super Corona Dope - Includes 2x applicator brushes. Size: 55ml (2floz)

For more information, please visit this product's DATASHEET.


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