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.093" Male Molex Pin 50-pack 02-09-2118


Part Number: VUPN7102

Molex Male Pin .093
MOLEX Part Number: 02-09-2118
Buy extra pins for your Molex Connectors!

Mating Pin:(Female Receptacle Pin) Molex 02-09-1119
Recommended Crimper: GC Waldom W-HT-1921-P

Durability (Mating Cycles Max):25
Material - Metal:Brass
Material - Plating Mating:Tin
Material - Plating Termination:Tin
Plating min - Mating:0.508m (20")
Plating min - Termination:0.508m (20")
Termination Interface Style:Crimp or Compression
Wire Insulation Diameter:1.52-3.05mm (.060-.120")

This product is a bag that contains 50 pins.

QuantityPrice Per Item
1+$5.00 USD
2+$4.50 USD


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12-pin (3x4) Molex .093 Plug MOLEX-03-09-212112-pin (3x4) Molex .093 Plug MOLEX-03-09-2121 VUPN7159 $0.64 Buy 1 '12-pin (3x4) Molex .093 Plug MOLEX-03-09-2121' now 
The following is a recommended crimp tool for this product
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Molex Crimping Tool for (.062", .093", .100", .156") PinsMolex Crimping Tool for (.062", .093", .100", .156") Pins WALD-W-HT-1921-P $19.95 Buy 1 'Molex Crimping Tool for (.062", .093", .100", .156") Pins' now 

Physical Location Within Vetco:

Find VBN0 (whole store).
Within that bin, go to the following position: downstairs, aisle 1A-9.
Then, find VBN1432 (pegboard hook).
Within that bin, you will find the part, VUPN7102.

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