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Touch Sensitive Switch Module Arduino


Part Number: VUPN5925

Touch Sensitive Switch Module Arduino

This is a touch sensitive switch - much like the kind used on "touch lamps". This module acts like a momentary switch that is actuated when the base-leg of the transistor is touched. The output of the module gets pulsed to high when the transistor lead is touched, this can be fed into an input on the arduino to trigger just about any action. For example, you could use this as a touch-sensitive switch for a system that would dim all the lights in your home theater room.

This is a simple circuit consisting of an MPSA13 NPN Transistor and an LM393 voltage comparator IC. A handfull of resistors, two SMD LEDs and a sensitivity adjustment potentiometer complete this module. The touch sensor its self is simply the base of the MPSA13 transistor.

This is easy to hook up, there are four 0.1" header pins. It can be plugged into a breadboard or you can use our BLS connectors to wire it up directly. The outputs are as follows:

  • +V (3-5VDC in)
  • GND
  • A0 (We think this is an analog output - the voltage of the pulse may be dependent on the input voltage) - For most applications this pin should not be used.
  • D0 (We think this is a digital output - the pin will pulse high when the sensor is touched)
The potentiometer adjusts the sensitivity of the module. It may take some experimentation to get it "dialed in" for your project.

QTY: 1 x Touch Sensitive Switch Module Arduino
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VUPN5925 VUPN5925


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