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Vises, Clamps & Helping Hands

Vises, Clamps  & Helping Hands Vetco Electronics stocks premium quality vises, clamps, and helping hands, manufactured using only the highest grade materials. Please contact us if you need a customized vise or clamp.
  Displaying 1 to 15 (of 15 Vises, Clamps & Helping Hands)    Result Pages:
    Product Name+   Model   Price   Buy Now 
 Helping Hand with Magnifier   Helping Hand with Magnifier   VE-VTHH   $12.95  Buy 1 'Helping Hand with Magnifier' now 
 Illuminated Helping Hand with Magnifier and Soldering Iron Holder   Illuminated Helping Hand with Magnifier and Soldering Iron Holder   MZ193L2   $12.95  Buy 1 'Illuminated Helping Hand with Magnifier and Soldering Iron Holder' now 
 Panavise "PV JR." Head   Panavise "PV JR." Head   VUPN10476   $24.99  Buy 1 'Panavise "PV JR." Head' now 
 Panavise Circuit Board Holder   Panavise Circuit Board Holder   PV315   $39.95  Buy 1 'Panavise Circuit Board Holder' now 
 Panavise Circuit board holder - PV JR   Panavise Circuit board holder - PV JR   VUPN10475   $29.99  Buy 1 'Panavise Circuit board holder - PV JR' now 
 Panavise Clamp Base Mount   Panavise Clamp Base Mount   PV311   $49.95  Buy 1 'Panavise Clamp Base Mount' now 
 Panavise Extra-Wide Opening Head   Panavise Extra-Wide Opening Head   VUPN10481   $69.99  Buy 1 'Panavise Extra-Wide Opening Head' now 
 Panavise Low-Profile Base   Panavise Low-Profile Base   VUPN10478   $29.99  Buy 1 'Panavise Low-Profile Base' now 
 Panavise Low-Profile Head   Panavise Low-Profile Head   PV304   $39.95  Buy 1 'Panavise Low-Profile Head' now 
 Panavise Standard Base   Panavise Standard Base   VUPN10477   $26.99  Buy 1 'Panavise Standard Base' now 
 Panavise Standard Clamp Head   Panavise Standard Clamp Head   PV303   $30.99  Buy 1 'Panavise Standard Clamp Head' now 
 Panavise Vacuum Base   Panavise Vacuum Base   VUPN10479   $49.99  Buy 1 'Panavise Vacuum Base' now 
 Panavise Vacuum Base Precision Vice   Panavise Vacuum Base Precision Vice   PV209   $34.95  Buy 1 'Panavise Vacuum Base Precision Vice' now 
 Panavise Weighted Base Mount   Panavise Weighted Base Mount   PV308   $32.95  Buy 1 'Panavise Weighted Base Mount' now 
 Panavise Wide-Opening Head   Panavise Wide-Opening Head   VUPN10480   $69.99  Buy 1 'Panavise Wide-Opening Head' now 
 Displaying 1 to 15 (of 15 products)   Result Pages:  
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1.Helping Hand with Magnifier
2.Illuminated Helping Hand with Magnifier and Soldering Iron Holder
3.Panavise Circuit board holder - PV JR
4.Panavise Vacuum Base Precision Vice
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